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Armstrong Jones Financial Passagesby Paul Fyfe and Lenise Webster

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Your Retirement Action Planner, from the Office of the Retirement Commissioner on 0800-45-65-85. Includes a series of worksheets that let you answer questions such as how much you’ll need in retirement, and how much you’ll have to save to get there.

Also some more general advice on money management. Financial Passages, by Paul Fyfe and Lenise Webster, from funds management company Armstrong Jones on 0800-PASSAGES (0800-7277-2437). Looks at the six stages, or “passages” of life, and the financial issues you are likely to face at each stage.


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The Facts of Life: What every woman should know about money

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The Facts of Life: What every woman should know about money — BOOKS BY CRAIG LOCK


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The Richest Man in Babylon


This book is based on Babylonian wisdom. Apparently, they found some tablets with written inscription on it. When deciphered it contained some age old wisdom on saving money, investing and creating wealth. George S. Clason has written a book in it. All nice points to follow – save 10% of your income, invest it with the help of experienced money managers, make money work for you, spend only so much. Of course many of the advices are colloquial in the sense that lending money to earn money is not done in today’s times. Today that kind of advice is anathema. Nobody does that, banks and financial institutions are doing that. Towards the end there is a good section on becoming debt free which is quite good – save 10% of your income, spend only 70% of the income and use the balance 20% to repay all the debts you have…

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Spread the News! — Survive Today

My purpose and goal for this website and blog is to reach as many people as I can to educate and encourage people on budgeting. Budgeting is something that has always been extremely important to me and, over the years, I have learned that not everyone looks at budgeting and money management in the same […]

Spread the News! — Survive Today

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“If the Lord makes you successful, I’ll keep you humble.” — BOOKS BY CRAIG LOCK

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Sharesies co-founders on their mission to democratise investing

Craig’s various books on money and money management

Craig's Books and Articles on Money Management

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Mountain of Money Concepts

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