Mr. Money

Banter Republic

My first encounter with Mr. Money happened several years ago. Do you know the first thing about being a kid? You have needs! I wanted, needed a bicycle! So I knelt by my bedside and offered a prayer to the Big Man up there. It was purely a business meeting.

20200503_195923_0001After a few minutes of consultation, he promised that if I kept up with good behavior, Mr. Money was going to pay me a visit.

20200503_195923_0002Was he going to keep his end of the bargain? I had no idea. There were days I was beginning to think that maybe I had been scammed! But this is the big man up there we’re talking about. He created me, so how difficult would it be for him to loan me Mr. Money for a few weeks? Or months? Or years? Or a lifetime? I hear our days are like seconds to…

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